Bon Vivant is French and it means; “the person who knows how to live the good life”. The company was established in November 2016.

The professional chef´s language is French, which is why the pleasure of life was a natural choice. The company was named Bon Vivant as a brand name, but also as a promise of what we want to offer to our customers.

Pride of our culinary profession, the desire to give a qualitative boost to all of our chef colleagues all over the world and creative innovation are the key activities that we want to offer.

Before launching our flagship; our antibacterial knife sheath (ABS21) we had the patents registered and approved.

We are 100% owned by our Norwegian owner, and we are located in the southern part of Norway, Kristiansand. Our quality products is our spine and we are proud of our Norwegian and Nordic origin. That is the reason why we added “Culinary craft of Norway” to our name. Our Norwegian co-brand symbolizes our mountains, “the way to the top”, and the more obvious “The Norwegian flag and the Nordic purity”.

High quality and good design play a significant role in everything we do. We want to worship the classic and traditional, but at the same time step out of the box from the traditional uniforms and cultivate the unique.

Because we believe that in artistical professions one must promote the individual, nourish the creativity and provide opportunities for both personal- and professional growth, and cultivation of the chefs own identity and style.

the founder

Norwegian masterchef, Miss Silje Merethe Fossnes, is the inventor behind all the products which is presented by Bon Vivant AS. A whole series of products are soon to be launched.

The product-line is a Norwegian invention, it is patented and the very first of its kind.

This video was made during the time we were doing the testing of the prototypes in the end of the development process. At this point, we had managed to discover a zero result og bacterial growth, and we were in testing of the products functions and the ergonomics in relevant environments. The design has had minimal changes since then, but the antibacterial solution is the same. A solution that in tests shows a zero result. A garanteed clean knife.


From time to time we will replace the content in this section, and for now we would like to present one of our first references; Restaurant Vaaghals at Barcode, Oslo. Vaaghals has been one of the restaurants that has been involved in the early test phase.

Some of the production films and pictures showed at our web-page were taken in the restaurant in collaboration with the proprietor and restaurateur Jørn Lie and Eirik Strom Lillebo, among others.

Film: Red Ant AS. Foto: Moment studio. Ifm kundeprat med Onsagers AS