Bon Vivant`s antibacterial knife sheath is manufactured and designed to ensure HSEQ and production hygiene! The antibacterial knife sheath was created to give chefs/ user the complete control over sharp knives in a hectic environment. Our antibacterial solution secures food production as bacterias is killed each time the knife enters. It gives the chef a possibility to personalize their tools in a complete new way.
The knife sheath ensures that you have the knife available and secure at all times, while the exchangeable pad inside ensures that the knife stays disinfected at all times. The pads has to be replaced after each shift.
Our antibacterial knife sheath 21 and Pads21 are suitable for knives with 21 cm blade or shorter.
Our toolbelt and aprons is designed to give the chef/ user the possibility to «build their own set» and be able to carry theyr tools in a toolbelt just like
all other craftsmen. Our toolbelt is in high-quality leather, is adjustable and our antibacterial knife sheath fits the belt perfectly. The belt is also equipped with buttons to fit our snap-on apron and cloth to make the belt a complete solution.
The nordic design is unique and the natural material is giving the user high comfort and well-beeing. I wish to bring a new fashion to chefs world wide. A design and quality a chef worthy.
Norwegian masterchef, Miss Silje Merethe Fossnes is the inventor behind all of these products and it’s published by her company Bon Vivant AS. There will be a whole series of products launching soon.
The product-line is a Norwegian invention, it’s patented and the very first of its kind!

Benefits of the antibacterial knife sheath placed in our associated toolbelt:

  • Time, money and hygiene
  • Prevents bacterial growth and spread.
  • Ensures HSEQ and provides new good work routines.
  • The chef/ user have the knife available at all times.
  • The chef/ user don’t have to spend time looking for the knife.
  • Others can not access the knife.
  • Saving time not using existing disinfection methods.
  • New revolutionary patent with Norwegian trademark and design.
  • A personal boost for chefs with professional pride.