Antibacterial knife sheath, UDÖ chef`s belt, apron, neck belt, cloth and pads


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Antibacterial knife sheath (ABS21), UDÖ chef`s belt, apron, neck belt, cloth and 1 months of pads.

In this pre-launch campaign we offer our UDÖ chef`s belt, apron, neck belt and cloth for free when ordering our Antibacterial knife sheath. You will also get 1 months supply of the pads. This offer is equivalent with a 50% discount on the whole package.

UDÖ Tool belt
Bon Vivant`s tool belt comes in genuine leather and it is designed to give you a whole new feeling in your production life.  The belt holds the antibacterial knife sheath perfectly in place and is ergonomically adapted. The tool belt has buttons attached that fits our aprons/front pieces perfectly.

The neck belt/strap is fastened and loosenes in very simple grips and easily removed when wanted or needed. It is designed with a good neck protection for increased comfort over extended use. Whipe with a moist cloth and treat as any other leather.

Bon Vivant`s aprons are made of 100% cotton to provide increased comfort in use over time. Our natural materials ensure that, if the apron catch on fire or you spill hot liquid, the fabrics will not melt into the skin.

The design of the front pieces ensures that the user can easily detach the front pieces from the body in case of fire or when in need to undress quickly. Our aprons are easy to clean, easy to iron, the first of its kind and we are proud of our design rights to the solution. It retains the natural color and it can be washed at 60°C.

Our Aprons comes in a set including one apron and a cloth in this elegant cardamom color.

Our cloth are made of 100% cotton and possess the same quality ad our aprons. In the same design and the same embodyment with button that also fits to the tool belt.

Retains the colors and can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. Our cloth can also be used as a neck- or a headscarf.

Our cloths’s comes in a set including a cloth and one apron in this elegant cardamom color.



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