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Our BBQ leather apron is made of high-quality leather and designed for use in BBQ- or cooking/carving stations. The neck-belt is made with wide belts, covered with protection in order to give you the best comfort.
The leather should be treated if/when needed. It should not be used in humid and gritty environments. Instead of washing it, we recommend wiping it with a moist cloth and treat the leather if necessary. Each item is unique and will be even more beautiful the more you are using it.

This leather apron is made of leather from cows with Indian and Pakistani origin. Our skins are made from the skins of cows who have lived their lives in the field, mainly for milk production. A good chef´s philosophy is to treasure all parts of the animal, and we like to do it in a gentle way. Bon Vivant always have a sustainable profit in mind, whenever we develop and produce, and we want to take care of both our chef´s and the environment. The BBQ leather apron is made especially for our hard working BBQ chefs.

The BBQ leather apron is a bit heavier than the other aprons. The reason why is the thickness of the leather, in order to protect in the best possible way. The production process is taken place in Europe, by European standards.

Our antibacterial knife sheath fits all our leather aprons.

Leather width around the waste: 55 cm
Total length of the leather: 85 cm
Total belt length: 80 cm
Total lengt: (55 cm + 80 cm) = 135 cm