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Antibacterial knife sheat

A must have for every chef!

Mitigating risks and being prepared are essential elements in any successful venture. In mid-2018, I embarked on my first trip to Asia to explore potential manufacturers, carrying with me a suitcase full of model drawings. However, I was well aware that the following year would be filled with challenges, obstacles, and opportunities that would require careful risk assessment and management. Collaborating closely with the company's Board, as well as Innovation Norway and Innoventus South, we placed significant emphasis on undertaking comprehensive risk analyses to ensure that we were adequately prepared for any eventuality. By doing so, we were able to minimize potential disruptions and maximize our chances of success.

- Thomas A. Gugler, President of WORLDCHEFS

klean, sharp and ready

Ensure HSEQ and food hygiene standards

Cutting-edge culinary innovation

Hand-picked natural textures, inspired by nature

Comfortable fit, practical solutions

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Introducing the YODIN - XXI Antibacterial Knife Sheath, designed specifically to protect the chef's most important tool: their knife! Elevate your culinary game with sleek and innovative Nordic design. Keep your blades safe and focus on what really matters - creating amazing dishes. This personalized equipment is built to last, ensuring your knife stays in pristine condition.

Adjustable tool belt made of genuine leather

Our snap-on system makes it easy to connect and disconnect the apron to the YGDRA tool belt and neck belt.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Crafted from high-quality 100% cotton, our YNIVA Snap-on Cloth is designed to offer chefs safety and comfort in the kitchen. With a hand-picked selection of quality materials and natural textures, our cloth offers a comfortable fit while also being innovative and durable. Our snap-on system is easy to connect and disconnect from the YGDRA tool belt, making it a breeze to put on and take off.
High-Quality and Sustainable
All our leather aprons come in one, adjustable size. They have adjustable belts both at the neck and around the waist to fit all hip widths. YODIN - XXI Antibacterial knife sheath fits all our leather aprons.
Once upon a time...
Once upon a time, in the spring of 1982, a baby girl was born. Her name was Silje Merethe Fossnes, and she entered the world amidst complications during her birth. The situation was dire, and medical professionals had to act fast to save both mother and child. Thanks to their skill and advanced equipment, the operation was a success, and both mother and baby were able to recover.
This is a woman who doesn't easily surrender, and this is me.


Today, that baby girl is a grown woman, and she has achieved great success in her life. She is the CEO of a thriving company, and her name is Silje Merethe Fossnes. Her story is one of resilience and determination, a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.