Antibacterial knife sheath

Chef Silje

Bon Vivant is the brainchild of Norwegian master chef Silje Merethe Fossnes. Inspired by the french bon vivant, “someone fond of good living,” she’s created an innovative range of luxury products to make life in the kitchen safer, more efficient and even more enjoyable.

Personalize your equipment

Bon Vivant's Antibacterial knife sheath takes care of HSEQ, production hygiene and food safety - so you can focus on cooking. One quick slide into the sheath and your knife is clean, disinfected and ready to go.

This product will rock the chefs world!

- Thomas A. Gugler, President of WORLDCHEFS

It’s all about attitude

Stand out with luxury kitchen wear, innovative equipment and practical solutions. Bring a little bit of Nordic flair into your own kitchen.


Customize your kit with hand picked, quality materials and natural textures. Adjustable and customisable, every piece designed to fit together.

Make your mark in the kitchen. Look great doing it!

Be practical

Keep your tools close with our comfortable, practical belt. The antibacterial knife sheath fits snugly on your hip, the apron and cloth both snap on easily. Everything you need in one place.

Limited offer

Our innovative knife sheath ensures your knives are always clean, available and ready for action. Simply add fresh pads at the start of each shift. Suitable for most knives with 21cm blades, or shorter.

It's cool - and it's clean!

Why should you try our antibacterial knife sheath and toolbelt?

Keep your knife clean, safe and close by
Ensure HSEQ and food hygiene standards
Cutting-edge culinary innovation
Hand-picked natural textures, inspired by nature
Comfortable fit, practical solutions


After only 15 seconds in the antibacterial knife sheath, the blade comes out totally disinfected, and you can be confident the blade safely goes from fish to fennel. Quickly, easy and effectively!

Bon Vivant
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